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Yay foreign country!!!

2009-08-05 05:45:30 by nuclearmoose919

Deployments are fun!

Plenty of free time!


2009-01-20 16:08:55 by nuclearmoose919

Well, seeing how I've got 6 days left and 15 seconds of work done on my movie... It officially gets to be put in the file of "Movies I said I'd do but didn't", which has quite a lot of unfinished movies...

Anyway, for my remaining time I'll probably just wander around the Art Forum... I've been feeling rather draw...y(?).

Oh well, this'll be my last (and second) post for a long while.
Have fun.

I gEt DaNgEr PaY!

2009-01-08 22:14:20 by nuclearmoose919

Well, I leave Jan. 27th for army basic training... gonna be a Combat Engineer.

Good times with explosives.

Anyway, possibility of a small movie about the movie "The Happening" coming out before I leave... not that anyone's reading this?_?